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Based on the real and reliable good record and reputation in the fields of prescription drugs, over-the-counter drugs and medical care, SHE team looks for the mother and baby products that best meet the needs of Chinese consumers all over the world, and achieves the best quality, the most professional service and the best reputation of consumers in the subdivided fields, so as to ensure a win-win situation for product manufacturers, customers and consumers.

Crosscale was founded in 2001

Its Colief series focuses on "young families"

The production equipment and plant are in the UK, and the administrative department has branches in Dublin, the United States, Singapore and Hong Kong

Its brands are marketed worldwide

The most famous Colief lactase drops were listed in 1999 and entered the national health insurance of the UK in 2002. So far, they have been sold in 21 countries and regions (Hong Kong) all over the world

Colief respiratory patch was listed in 2018 and won the title of “”, the largest evaluation website for maternal and infant products in the UK that year The silver award of star infant and child health products of the year selected by com won the Gold Award in early 2019


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