Contact Us

If you need to inquire about Gedeon Richter’s (GR’s) products, you can contact us through the following methods:   

Products Hotline:   

Prescription drugs hotline: 400-7676-206   

Non-prescription drugs hotline: 400-820-6272   

Email: (applicable for both prescription and Non-prescription products)   

We will try our best to answer your inquiries about GR’s products, but we can’t offer specific diagnosis or treatment suggestions for patient's current condition.   If patient experiences any discomforts after using GR’s products, please seek medical advice immediately.  

If your inquiry involves any pharmacovigilance information (including but not limited to adverse reactions), medical information requests or quality complaints related to GR’s products, relevant information will be disclosed to GR’s internal departments, systems or service providers, subject to applicable laws and regulations.   It will be entered into our company’s database and reported to the relevant regulatory authorities in accordance with applicable laws and regulations.   With the consent of the reporter, our company may follow up with the reporter.   If you dial above hotlines or send an email to above email address, you are deemed to have accepted and understood the above information.  

If you need to access, delete or correct the personal information you have submitted, or need to consult about the security of your personal information, please contact us and we will respond in accordance with the requirements of applicable laws.   You may request that some of your personal information to be deleted, but GR may have a legal obligation to maintain such data in respect of pharmacovigilance and therefore may not be able to meet such requests in any circumstances.