Partnering Process

The evaluation and pursuit of partnering opportunities are performed by the Strategic Marketing & Licensing Department at the Budapest headquarters.

The initial phase, Search & Identify begins with the exploration and identification of business opportunities that are in accordance with the Company’s strategic goals.

During the Assessment phase the evaluation of non-confidential information takes place. In the event the proposed opportunity is consistent with Richter’s strategic goals, feedback will be provided regarding the decision on pursuing the asset.

The complete exploration of the opportunity will take place via Due Diligence, during which all vital parameters, including but not limited to medical, regulatory, commercial and pharmaco-economic properties, will be thoroughly investigated by our internal experts.

Once the commercial viability of the proposed opportunity is deemed positive, Negotiations will take place to lay down fundamental collaboration details in pursuit of reaching final agreement.

Richter pays special attention to the role of Alliance Management by assuring that projects are managed properly and commitments are fulfilled in order to strengthen and enhance a successful partnership.