Promoting transparent relations or interactions between Gedeon Richter Plc. and Patient Organizations, HCPs and HCOs to relevant stakeholders assists informed decision-making and helps to prevent unethical and illegal behaviour.

Under various applicable rules and requirements, pharmaceutical companies must disclose payments and other Transfers of Value (such as support for attending conference, sponsorship, donations etc.) to Patient Organizations, HCPs and HCOs, either publicly or directly to specific stakeholders  as well as engagements. Since Richter is a member company of Medicines for Europe, it must directly apply the rules and requirements, including that on transparency reporting, of the Code of Conduct of Medicines for Europe to its activities.

Gedeon Richter hereby discloses engagements and Transfers of Value that could potentially pose a conflict of interest or encourage the Recipients of the Transfers of Value to disclose them, where such disclosure would be in the best interest of patients or the public.