Sustainable development

Gedeon Richter, a major player in the Hungarian economy, is a modern, constantly developing company capable of endlessly adapting to the market environment. Since sustainable development is an important part of its strategy, it takes into consideration the environmental and social expectations as well as economic requirements in its long-term planning.

The Company considers its business partners and employees to be exceptionally important, but it also feels responsible for society at large. Its responsibility does not end with curing people and the research and development required for this; the company also puts great emphasis on developing its social programmes. It supports health care, educational and environmental initiatives and provides financial assistance for various health care organisations. The social programme provides support for the younger generation and helps young people to develop their talents. The company has a keen interest in awakening students’ scientific interest in the pharmaceutical industry and, by so doing, mentors and educates the next generation of research scientists.

In addition to the support and scholarship programmes, the Company also has a strategy to raise the health awareness of the Hungarian public. The goal of the Richter Health City cross-country programme, launched in 2009, is no less than to encourage health awareness in everyone from the youngest to the oldest.

The Company has received many awards and honours in the recent past owing to the dedicated work of Richter’s managers, researchers, engineers and all other employees as well as the Company’s comprehensive and outstanding social, environmental and economic programmes.

The goal of the Company’s strategy for the future is no less than to develop and manufacture the most outstanding and effective products possible to maintain the Company’s stable market position and to make every effort for the continued sustainable development.