Richter Health CityRichter for WomenProfessor Rátz Lifetime Achievement Award

The goal of the Richter Health City programme is to encourage as many people as possible to preserve their health and stay fit. The organisers provide screening tests, counselling, presentations on physical and psychological diseases that affect many people, and wonderful family programmes at every location. In addition to health preservation, a great emphasis is also put on philanthropic activities.

Gedeon Richter is in a privileged position in that, as a Hungarian-based multinational corporation, it has an exceptional insight into the situation of Hungarian women. It devotes particular attention not only to preserving their health, but also to fostering their psychological and social wellbeing. To this end, the Company created the Richter for Women programme, whose major elements are the Richter Golden Mum Award, the Richter Mum Teresa Club and the Mum Teresa Project.

The Foundation for Hungarian Science Education – founded by Gedeon Richter Plc, Ericsson Hungary Kft and Graphisoft SE Budapest – has been presenting the Professor Rátz Lifetime Achievement Awards since 2001.