Quality policy

In the corporate quality policy issued in 1999, the senior management of Gedeon Richter committed itself to the continuous quality improvement. The objective of Richter’s quality program is to safeguard the products’ superior quality, safety and efficiency in line with the strict regulations. All corporate units in charge of quality assurance play a major role in quality planning and implementation, since product quality depends not only on the materials used in the manufacturing process, but also on the equipment and condition of the production lines, the environment as well as the qualifications, professional experience and general health of the staff.

The Company rigorously follows Hungarian and international regulations and guidance in its scope of activities (active ingredient research, product development, animal experiments, clinical trials, manufacturing etc.). With regard to our extensive product portfolio and commercial relations with more than 80 countries, operating a comprehensive quality program entails a multi-faceted and extremely complex regulatory adherence by the Total Quality Management Department.

To help us achieve our strategic goals, all employees are involved in the quality assurance process. In order to ensure their awareness of corporate regulations and expectations, Richter employees are periodically informed and trained and their working conditions aligned with quality requirements.

To maintain good relationship with our partners and keep up the confidence of patients and doctors in Richter products is of foremost importance to the Company. Therefore, we place great emphasis on investigating every comment and complaint received and preventing problems of the similar type.

An outstanding result of our quality assurance activity and an object of pride for the Richter management, the Company received no significant warnings during the quality inspections conducted by Hungarian and international professional authorities in the last 10 years.