Pharmaceutical manufacturing

The 110 years of pharmaceutical manufacturing experience put Richter at the forefront of the global pharma sector. The company manufactures more than 200 drugs, and its product line includes original, generic and licensed products.

Since the very beginning, Richter has always made the outstanding quality of its products a primary concern, and has been committed to having its drug safety system comply with the highest possible official requirements. In order to achieve efficient operation of supply, the Company is constantly adapting to the current environment by regularly fine-tuning and improving the capacity of its production units. It focuses on developing and manufacturing central nervous system, cardiovascular and gastroenterological products; muscle relaxants and gynaecological products.

The Company's pharmaceutical manufacturing segment is showing stable growth every year. The production volume of steroids, our other products and active ingredients is also increasing from year to year. The Richter Group also began manufacturing new products in all of its production sites in 2012.

We are continuously expanding our capacities to meet business demands. We recently installed two new hormone packaging production lines and also modernized our injection manufacturing plant.

The regular quality inspections carried out by Hungarian and international authorities as well as business partners confirm that Richter’s manufacturing activities are in good order and that our processes comply with technological standards. Our successfully performed audits encompass the entire manufacturing process and we are happy to report positive outcomes.