Sales and marketing

Richter has always ascribed great importance to offering reliable, modern products throughout the world. The basis for its activities is provided by its specialty pharma strategy.

Richter is the biggest Hungarian pharmaceutical manufacturer. The company has a marketing network that spreads over five continents and has 29 representative offices and 40 commercial and marketing companies. The company’s activities are supported by 6 production and development subsidiaries and joint ventures. Richter markets active ingredients and finished products in Hungary and more than a hundred other countries.

The company has a widely known brand name and well-established sales network in Hungary, Central Eastern Europe and the CIS countries. By the end of 2011 the Group had set up its medical sales representative and marketing network in Western Europe while in 2013 the company started further expansion in Latin America in order to offer the company’s gynaecological products in this region as well. Acting under strategic cooperation contracts and long-term supply agreements, Richter delivers products to its partners in the United States.

More than 90% of the company’s annual turnover results from exports, amounting to EUR 1320.2 million in 2017. Our largest markets include Russia, Romania, Poland, China, Germany and the US.

Our Company’s primary objective is to be able to satisfy market demands in a flexible and cost-effective way, while devoting particular attention to reduce the fragmentation of its product range. As a consequence, the majority of the ten most widely sold preparations come from Richter’s three most important therapeutic groups. Sales of gynaecology, cardiovascular and central nervous system products account for 76% of the sales in the pharmaceutical manufacturing segment.